• Song:

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

  • Artist:

    The Carpenters

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Tabbed by: Chris Bailey (Bournemouth)
Email: Chrisbailey83_uk@hotmail.com

Carpenters - A dream is a wish your heart makes

G        C      G9    G          
A dream is a wish your heart makes 
   G        B7       C    C/B  E7    
When you're fast asleep; 
     Am            Fdim      Am         Am+7 
In dreams you will lose your heartaches, 
        D7       Am7            G         D+ 
And whatever you wish for, you keep. 
      G            C           G9   G 
Have faith in your dreams, and someday 
      G                B7        C       C/B 
Your rainbow will come smiling through; 
          Am7                F7 
No matter how your heart is grieving, 
   G      Bm7/5-    E7 
If you keep on believing, 
                                   1. G      Gdim    D7 
    Am7             D9             2. G      
The dreams that you wish will come true. 
repeat twice
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