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    The Corrs

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    London in Blue: Wembley...

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Name: lardpony

Tabs: Breathless - The Corrs
From the album 'In Blue'

Transcribed by Lardpony (lardpony@lardpony.co.uk)

I couldn't be bothered to work out the riff, but here are the chords.

Go on, Go on, leave me breathless... (c'mon, c'mon, c'mon)


B B B B (with riff)
B F# C# Ab F# (with riff)


B             F#
The daylights fading slowly,
C#            Ab      F# 
But time with you is standing still,
B           F#  
I'm waiting for you only,
C#            Ab        F#
The slightest touch and I feel weak,


E  F#    Ab
I cannot lie,
     E     F#     B
From you I cannot hide,
        E          F#      Ab
And I'm losing the will to try,
      E              F#
Can't hide it, can't fight it,


   E         A   B     
So go on, go on, leave me breathless, 
E               A          B
Tempt me, tease me, till I can't deny this
E          A            B
Loving feeling, make me long for your kiss,
  E       A       B  
Go on, go on, yeah, c'mon.

Verse (same chords):

And if there's no tomorrow,
And all we have is here and now,
I'm happy just to have you,
You're all the love I need somehow,

Pre-Chorus (same chords):

It's like a dream,
Although I'm not asleep,
And I never want to wake up,
Don't lose it, don't leave it,

Repeat Chorus

Guitar solo over verse chords.

And I can't lie,
From you I cannot hide,
And I've lost the will to try,
Can't hide it, can't fight it,

Repeat Chorus a few times...

Go on, go on!
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