• Song:

    Live Gives Love Takes

  • Artist:

    The Corrs

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From: "Simon Forsman" 
Subject: c/corrs/live_gives_love_takes.crd
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:46:00 PDT

**Love gives love takes**
by the Corrs, from the album Talk on Corners.

A song with chords pretty hard to handle. But it's possible to play them
without getting cramp in the neckhand. It takes just a little practice.

Fmaj9    1X3010
Fmaj9/A  X03010
Fm6      133131
G        320033
G/B      X20033
Gmaj9    3X523X
Gmaj9/B  X2523X
C        X35553
Csus4     X35563
Cadd9    X35533
Cadd9/E  0X5533
A        X02220
A6/C#    X42222
Am7      X02010
Em7      020000
D        XX0232
Dm7      XX0211
Dadd9/F# 200230

Fmaj9    Gmaj9    Csus4  C  Cadd9  C

Verse 1:
Fmaj9                           Gmaj9
  Just when you thought it was safe
    Csus4     C       Cadd9/E     Am7
you found me in your hiding place
Fmaj9                   Gmaj9
  I'd promised never again
  Csus4     C       Cadd9      C
I wouldn't give my heart, but then

Em7             Fmaj9
Closer, closer I moved near you
    Em7   Am7       Dadd9/F#  Fm6
The way I want you makes  me  fear you

Fmaj9  /A         G
  Love breaks and love devides
F   /A         G/B      C
  Love laughs and love can make you cry
F   /A    G
  I can't believe the ways
That love can give

And love can take away...

Verse 2:
I find it hard to explain
It's crazy, but it's happening
And I'm falling again
Much farther than I've ever been

I'm falling deeper than the ocean
I am lost in this emotion

Chorus once again.
That love can give
And love can take away..

(Up one key)

Gmaj9  /B  A    "
Gmaj9  /B  A/C# D
  Aaaahhh... yeah...
Gmaj9  /B  A    "
Love can give
And love can take away


That's it! Don't play your fingers off!
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