• Song:

    Make You Mine

  • Artist:

    The Corrs

  • Album:

    From Ireland With Love

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Verse 1

G           D/F#           Em7     D    C9
Wondering, waiting for the day to fade away 

        G          D                    Em7       D     C9
so i can hold you close once again and chase the fears away

G        D/F# F               C
lie with me, show me how you feel 

     D                    Em7           D
i'm falling for you deeper everyday 


                C9            G
(but) when the night turns over 

     Am       Em
i"ll lie with you

           C9        G
when the morning wakes you 

     D       Em7
i'm there by you

          C9            G
when the dalight takes you 

i'll miss you

      Em                 D
till you come back home to me 

and i can make you mine

Verse 2

wanting you

D/F#           Em7     D     C9
every waiting moment i'm on fire

always needing you

     D/F#           Em7          D     C9
i'm aching for you only , i 'll never tire

   G    D/F#  F                 C
promise me , this is how we'll be

D            Em7            D  
i'm falling deeper everyday       

(repeat chorus except last line)
...till you come back home to me  


i'll break you , i'll chase you 

        C                               G          
you'll find that you can't stand to be away

D/F#       Em
not for a day

 and when life defies you 

     C                                D  F
i'll be the soul, you'll never go astray 

and you'll be mine 

(repeat last 2 lines of verse 2)
(repeat chorus 2x)

Em  A
..oh mine

That's the song by the Corrs , enjoy!

(Please note that this song is played with capo on the 3rd fret , Chords are relative to capo)

By James Teo
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