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    The Crash

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The Crash - Phoebe
Transcribed by Christian Stieg


C2               Em7
She's leaving me now 
 Bb            Bb6 FX
"I'm gonna let you go", oh yeah 
C2         Em7
Staring me down  
 Bb            Bb6 FX           C
"I'm gonna let you go" she says 

C Em7 Bb F

She's fading me out  
I thought we were ment to be.  Oh yeah.
Scaring me off 
"I'm gonna stop right now", she says

no chord
And suddenly something is holding me down, oh my love

C          E7          Am          F          C
Phoebe has gone away today and the rain won't stop.
    C         E7                  Am          F      C 
And I'm easily torn. I thought she would never let me go. 

"Now the season is high 
I'm gonna step right out". Oh yeah.
"Follow your heart, 
I'm gonna let you go" she says.

no chord
And suddenly something is tearing me down, oh my love.


She's leaving me now. 
"I'm gonna let you go" she says


used chords:

        E A D G B E
C2      x-x-x-5-3-0
Em7     x-x-x-4-3-0
Bb      x-x-x-3-3-1
Bb6     x-x-x-3-3-3
FX      x-x-x-2-1-1
C       x-3-2-0-1-0
E7      0-2-2-1-3-0
Am      x-0-2-2-1-0
F       1-3-3-2-1-0

number = fret
x      = don't let ring
->     = quick change
T      = you have to play the e-string with the thumb here to get the chord
Please listen to the songs to get the timing.
If you have any question on playing some chord,
or corrections, please email to 
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