• Song:

    Emasculate Me

  • Artist:

    The Cribs

  • Album:

    Ignore the Ignorant

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here are the chords that I use when playing Emasculate me by the cribs - from 
their new album ignore the ignorant
 A             C#
Without love  Without hate
         F#          Dm       A
Without anyone who I even allowed

         C#               F#                    Dm
To find out all of the little things, I"ve been thinking

          F#                   Dm
It's too easy for folks to get by

           A                      F (Or Dm, both sound slightly wrong!)
There's no reason for someone to try

           F#              Dm          A                F (or Dm)
To put walls around our misery   And gently emasculate me

Repeat as needed for verse and next chorus.
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