• Song:

    We Can No Longer Cheat You

  • Artist:

    The Cribs

  • Album:

    The New Fellas

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Starts out on A


Lost my heart to a dancer, an easy pick up for chancers

What she saw in me, I don't know

When she said she'd been behaving, I found it hard to stop myself from laughing

B                                     A         B             
            D                                       A
I think I'll head off, in fact ...dig me in deep guys I won't be coming back

than there's this little interlude bit where the bass does octaves and its A for most of 
but it switches to D at one point and than goes back to A before the chorus


A                                                   F#m
What's that you said my love? Yes, I know what you've been through

B                                     D        B              
And that's why I can't stay... We can no longer cheat you

Verse 2
I lost my heart to a dancer, an easy pick up for chancers
What she saw in me i don't know
She became depressed, that's down to boredom
She should have said
I could have scored some things to pass the time
Or took her out
Turning in at eight, what's that about?

Its pretty simple, but i wanted to play it and no one had a tab
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