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Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 18:27:34 -0400
From: scott coates 
Subject: CULT tab - Indian (acoustic)

Here is my "tab" for the Cult's INDIAN.  This is one
of a few songs Ian wrote the music to for the CEREMONY album.
(Beggars Banquet, 1991)

          Trans. by Scott Coates 719899@ican.net

This is an easy little acoustic number that's actually a lot
of fun to play, and a good one to use for a starter band or
for several intermediate musicians to get used to playing with others.
The verse is just 2 chords (Am, Em) and the chorus stretches to 4!
(Hey it's not the most difficult song they've ever written, okay?)

Also the song has little "blusey" runs and licks all throughout, along
with the solo, I didn't actually put theme here, but hey, have fun with

Intro:  Am  Em  Faded in with Cello accomp.

Am            Em
Indian Woman, Let down your hair.  (x2)

Am              Em
Blood red wine, Layered in time.   (x2)

x C            x  G        D x    Am     x
Standing at the edge of the world,

      x  C       G  x      x  D      x  Am
Please help me girl, ooh, help me girl.

x C               x  G       D x       Am   x
I'm standing at the edge of the world,

      x  C      G  x       x D(let fade)  x~~~~~~~~~~
Please help me girl,  oh, help me girl.

V2:  (same chords)

Standing at the forest, awaiting your pennance  (x2)
Indian Woman, let down your hair.  (x2)

(Chorus again)

V3: (Everybody's favourite Am/Em riff)

All the temples stand in ruin  (in ruin)
Reaching out to the gods in the sky (of the sky)
While the earth beats to the rhythm (beat to the rhythm)
My Indian lover's high,high,high,high...

Ad lib over chorus' chords.

End when you hold that D chord on "help me girl"

NOTE: an "x" indicates a tambourine slam in the chorus,
and means "twice" if followed by a number. Ie: (x2)
and "x~~~~~~~~~" is a tambourine slam and shake.
(Is that considered drum tab?)

Have fun with this track, y'all, and for more Cult info see
www.Beggars.com (I'm not affiliated/endorsed by them) or for TABS
(to give or request) get me at 719899@ican.net

Scott Coates
Hamilton, ONT. CANADA

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