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Tab: Kateigh
CAPO 2 (if you're singing it higher like me)

G                                    C9
I stayed awake just long enough to see you.

            G                        C9
Remember Winnipeg, and feeling simpler back then?

G                                    C9
I took a week off from my band and flew out,

G                              C9
It was a Saturday, I saw you waiting by the plane.

G                  D                      Em7            C9
I was always in a way just a long shot;
I was never in the clear of that.
G                  D                                   Em7                C9
I am lucky just to be a potential,
but I will always make a mess of that.

G      D    Em7      C9            G      D    Em7      C9
Of that                              Of that

G                        C9            
I traded symmetry for everything I loved.

G                            C9
I took my feelings out and I had told you I was done.

BisS B
G          D         Em7                 C9
I know your mistakes,
does that bother you that 
G             D                Em7          C9
I found where they stay?
Can I reach you yet?
G          D         Em7        C9
I stood up so fast and I let you down.

            G             D           Em7    C9
It was the first time that I heard,
I heard that sound.

G                               D                        Em7          C9
It filled my head with the darkest shade of black
and I met you there.
      G                          D                Em7          C9
I realized then that I was just a little sad,
and I left you there.


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