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    The David Wax Museum

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David Wax Museum
From Carpenter Bird


Stumming    D G D G D A

Verse 1:

D                     G             D
Grass with its fever, temper of the rain
G                    D           A
A soft muffled dream our love became
D              G              D
A fist of bees buzzing under water
G                D          A
A tethered steer marked for slaughter

Chorus 1:
D                   Bm
Love's a beekeeper, its a beekeeper
G       A              D      A
Drawing honey from our hearts
D                                  Bm
I play the unsound sleeper to your fire and brimstone preacher
G       A                    D       A
Love assigns us such strange hearts

The rest of the song follows the same pattern.  This is my first submission-go 
easy.  Email me sonvoltken@yahoo.com for feedback

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