• Song:

    Dear Ms Leading

  • Artist:

    The Dear Hunter

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Here you all are.

|--Dear Ms. Leading--|



violin part:


Thanks to Gugnums for these parts


Em           Bm            Am 
Dear Ms. Leading I hate to tell you that

     C                B
I no longer need your services

Em         Bm                       Am
The bitter fabricating manufacturer of lust

C             B            Em 
You have been presented as doesn't do a thing for me

I now know your identity

  Am                                   C           B
A black widow who tempts her pray with promises of love

   Em                              Bm                           Am
If ignorance is bliss, wish I were blissfully ignorant, but I'm not

                      C              B
I'm enlightened now - light has been presented to me

In spite of you


C                B                Em               Am
Come now Ms. Leading, I regret to inform you, I've fallen out of lust

C             B
It must be so hard to understand

C                         B                   Em
Did you really think me a fool enough to play along

     Am                                C
Make believing everything you said was true?

                  B                           Em
Push your pouting lips on other unsuspecting lovers


Same chords as the first verse

Dear Ms. Leading in response to your response, I'm simply unavailable
I hope you got the message in the message that I sent
Shame on me for falling for someone so dense
In different times I might have fooled around for something warm
Something with security
As fleeting as the momentary rapture and the pleasure of
                                                   Eb    F#
Collapsing in arms so welcoming to other just like me


Em  Em  Eb  F#


Same chords as Verse

*Repeat Chorus*
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