• Song:

    Dear Ms Leading

  • Artist:

    The Dear Hunter

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Here you all are.

 | -------------------- | 
 | --Dear Ms. Leading-- | 
 | -------------------- | 


 | ------------------------------------------ | 
 | ------------------------------------------ | 
 | ------------------------------------------ | 
 | --2---------------------------------2222-- | 
 | --2--5-7-10-7--5-7-10-7--5-7-10-7---2222-- | 
 | --0---------0---------0---------0---0000-- | 
                                     PM- | 


E5           B5            A5 
Dear Ms. Leading I hate to tell you that
     C5                B5
I no longer need your services
E5         B5                       A5
The bitter fabricating manufacturer of lust
C5             B5            E5 
You have been presented as doesn't do a thing for me
I now know your identity
  A5                                   C5           B5
A black widow who tempts her pray with promises of love
   E5                              B5                           A5
If ignorance is bliss, wish I were blissfully ignorant, but I'm not
                      C5              B5
I'm enlightened now - light has been presented to me
In spite of you

 * Chorus * 
C5                B5                E5               A5
Come now Ms. Leading, I regret to inform you, I've fallen out of lust
C5             B5
It must be so hard to understand
C5                         B5                   E5
Did you really think me a fool enough to play along
     A5                                C5
Make believing everything you said was true?
                 B5                           E5
Push your pouting lips on other unsuspecting lovers

 * Verse * 

Same chords as the first verse

Dear Ms. Leading in response to your response, I'm simply unavailable

I hope you got the message in the message that I sent

Shame on me for falling for someone so dense

In different times I might have fooled around for something warm

Something with security

As fleeting as the momentary rapture and the pleasure of
                                                   Eb5    Gb5
Collapsing in arms so welcoming to other just like me

 * Break * 
E5  E5  Eb5  Gb5


Same chords as Verse

*Repeat Chorus*
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