• Song:

    He Said He Had A Story

  • Artist:

    The Dear Hunter

  • Album:

    Act III: Life and Death

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The Dear Hunter
"He Said He Had a Story"

There was a silver circle sign, and she was standing at the door
we pressed our way right through the crowd, or pace was quickened to her floor,
There was a single feigning light, and there was silk all on the walls,
           C/G                          E
She had a lot of love to give, I was prepared to take it all
"And what did she do next?"

She had disrobed, and she was waiting on the floor.
She asked me what it was I want, I thought that I wanted it all.
"What did you say?"

I said "Stand up and move your body to the bed."
She quickly stood, and slowly turned, and
here's exactly what she said:

F                   D/F#              G                 E/G#
"Please be soft and sweet to me, this life has not been good
E/A   E/B   E/A    Am    G    F     E(open)  Dm    C(open)
you   see   its    hard  with such  a        his___tory   

F    E(open)  F    E(open)    F    E(open)
bu___ried     in   mi_________se___ry."

"And what did you do next?"

I broke a smile reminding that I paid her well.
Her lips returned, and then I felt her hands unbuckling my belt.
"So was it good?"

It felt like heaven, but I'm sure she was in hell-
          C                                  E           
I made it clear I'd get my money's worth out of the goods she sells.

F                  E/G#          Am                F
Break and bind yourself to me, deliver what you've sold
               Dm          E/G#                Am
you see that  I will only take  from you, and use it up.
     A           Dm            E  E/G#  E/A   E/B  Am
I'll use you up "What was your na__________________me". 

Am   G/Ab/Am x4
Ab  A  Bb B C C# D Eb
Am   Am   Am    (1st time: E!!!!!!) (2nd time: Am!!!!!) [Repeat^]
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