• Song:

    Life And Death

  • Artist:

    The Dear Hunter

  • Album:

    Act III: Life and Death

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I've decided to do a chord chart of every song on act III that isn't already done!

Please note that if you have the leaked version of the album, like me (yeah, I'm an 
person), this song should be called "Father"

|--Life and Death--|


        G                         Cm
When we dance, it looks just like fire

        G                        Cm
When we sing, it sounds the same tone

   Bb                  Dm
We all have hearts, we all have homes

            Gm      F   Gm
But when we die, we die alone


G          Dm       Cm         Bb   F
Oh, what a mess, as everything descends

G          Dm        Cm         Bb   F     G
Oh, what a mess, but everything amends


F                Eb
Shush, it was so long ago

   F                Eb
We always tried but failed

    F                  Eb
And now with new found consciousness


For most of this, you will just repeat chords

Gm   Dm

however, at the end it has one of these switches

Cm   Bb   F

*Repeat Chorus*


(For some reason during the bridge, its a different progression for the
 piano part and the electric guitar part,  the piano part is the lowest one
 while the electric guitar part is the one above it, both of them work

Eb           F              Bb            Dm
Gm           F              Bb            Cm
One of these days, you will learn to love again  (repeat multiple times)

Eb           Cm            F        D
One of these days you will learn to love

*Break 2*

G    Dm

*From here, just repeat the intro pretty much*
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