• Song:

    Writing On A Wall

  • Artist:

    The Dear Hunter

  • Album:

    Act III: Life and Death

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Tabbed by: Tyler Gjersee

Pretty simple song for guitar, not so for vocals. If there are any mistakes
comment or e-mail me. The lyrics may not be perfect as well.

Dm           A   Dm          A  Bb            F A
Ooooooooooooooh  Ooooooooooooh   Oooooooooooooh Ooooooooooooh

Dm                                              A
Come away young man where the ground is red and you need a mask to breathe

Dm                                                     A
Oh it?s been so hard but you?ll like the change if you just roll up your sleeves. 

Bb                                   F
We had traveled past the road before but it didn?t get you far

now only you can unleash to them your agonizing scar

Dm                                            A              
Open eyes young man with your ready hands and all prepared for pain 

Dm                                                A
You will lose much more in the vicious war as the present stays the 

Bb                                               F
but the time to come will be all too soon if you listen to our song

A                                                    A   Gm    F   E
Where we sing in vain and the fact remains there was nothing carried 

Dm         F     C      A      Bb    F     C  A      Dm     
down                                                 /\
                                                 First chord of
                                               ?In Caude Venenum?

Changing A chords to A7 gives this song some cool inflections.
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