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Very basic tab here.

Verse: D, G

Chorus:  C, D, G


D                  G                       D                                G

I see you out at every bar now baby, no matter where I go
You're gettin your drinks for free and just talkin with those rich folks you know.
You did the bouncers and all of their friends now baby, bar tenders too
so when they find out that you're only 19 there won't be anything they can do.


C                  D                                         G

But I don't come round here to meet nice people anyway
And what the hell am I doin drunk in the middle of the day
I can feel the departure of all of my hard earner pay
With the shades drawn, everything just drifts away

And so on through to the end.  There are definitely some intricacies missing here, 
but this should at least get you strumming along.  
Please post updates on this.  
You can see The Devil Makes Three play this song here: 
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