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In the D-progression, move the index finger down the g-string starting with a 
normal D, going to a D-5, then open the g-string and go back to a normal D.

D                       D-5
 I wanna chill, I wanna sit real still
        D (open G-String)        D
I wanna sleep like the dead on a bed of roses
Bm           C
   Me and my lovely wife
G              C
  We're in the prime of life
D                     D
 I wanna feel real, I wanna free-wheel
        D                   D
I wanna steal the show from under their noses
Bm         C
   I wanna get you off
G            F#
  Ain't that enough?
          Em             E
I'm gonna abseil down my ivory tower
And buy myself a Jaguar

      Bm  D G    E
I'm a bad ambassador
Bb7           G                   C7        A
    for that elusive place you're searching for
        Bm   D   G       E
I wanna show you so much more... but maybe some other time
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