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C        Dm7        Em             F 
Do you remember the way it used to be? 
C          Dm7 
June to September 
     Em             F 
In a cottage by the sea 
G                F 
Distant cousins, local kids 
G                F      C (4-3, 4-3) 
We climbed every tree together 
       Dm (4-3, 4-3) Am (b6-5, b6-5) 
And it never ever    rained 
        F ((b9)8, (b9)8)        C (4-3, 4-3) 
'Til we climbed back on the train 
            Dm (4-3, 4-3) Am (b6-5, b6-5) 
That would take us so far away 
         F ((b9)8, (b9)8)    G 
From the village and the rain 
And the summerhouse 
G                  F     G/F A 
Where we found new games to  play 

( A )   Bm7   C#m   D6 

A     Bm7   C#m   D6 

E E6 D D7M E E6 G7 

C         Dm7   Em                  F9 
Do you remember Sunday lunch on the lawn? 
C                 Dm7 
Daring escapes at midnight 
    Em                    F9 
And costumeless bathes at dawn 
G             F6/G 
You were only nine years old 
    C9/G      F6/G 
And I was barely ten 
     G                   F6/G F6 {here comes the best key change ever:} 
It's kind of weird to be back here again 

E (4-3, 4-3)   F#m (4-3, 4-3)   C#m (b6-5, b6-5)   A ((b9)8, (b9)8) 
Repeat to fade over: 

Do you remember 
The summerhouse 
The summerhouse 

Do you remember 
The summerhouse 
Our summerhouse 
My summerhouse 
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