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This song is actually by Meric Long, the vocalist of The Dodos. He wrote this song under 
his own name, but I feel like this still belongs under Dodos regardless.

Fmaj7: 00230x (accentuate the open B string when this comes up)
C:     01023x
C6:    01020x (just take the third finger off from a regular C chord)
Cmaj7: 01002x
G:     xx00x3 (G chord isn't exact, just use your second finger to mute the A string)

Intro: C, C6, Cmaj7, G   x4

  "This scene, this place, this part..." (this part is same for all the verses, it just 
repeats when needed)

MMmmmmm     Mmmmmm           MMmmmmmm

000023 (G)  Fmaj7 (open B)   000023 (G)                  x4

Chorus: (You pace, you pose, etc)

C, c6, Cmaj7, G
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