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Intro: B5  D5

 B5         D5       A5       E5               B5
Somewhere in between this ocean and mountainside
   D5           A5       E5                   G5
I have this dream i think of it still sometimes
   D5         B5       A5       G5
I know it's just the season
   D5        B5        A5      G5
I sense no time or reason
     D5         B5        A5         G5
The sky falls down; it's evening
      D5      B5          A5
The feeling goes; it's leaving

 B5      D5        A5       E5                     B5
Miles until this desert brings me back to your face
       D5        A5       E5                      G5
Those eyes you know i think of them still sometimes
      D5     B5       A5    G5
But you're away in eden
      D5        B5       A5       G5
And i'm still here the heathen
      D5        B5            A5    G5
This times for real, we're even
   D5        B5       A5    C5
We do this for the season

C5            G5
I cross the sand
Without your hand
I go back to
Where you and i began
And i was yours
And you were mine
                A5            C5
Things seem so soon to say goodbye
               A5           C5
I hope you're well as i am fine
            A5                      E5
I keep to myself where i go where i lie
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