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Capo 4th fret 
(Chords relative to capo)

C5                                              D5 
Don't know if I'll make it through this winter without you by my side
G5                                  C5
I waited for you so long while I traveled far and wide
Convinced myself there's no one better, so how can I deny
Your love, it's like a thorn into my side

My friends they understand me better but don't whisper goodnight
I want a lover and a sister, but we know that's not right
You used to listen to my music, I always wondered why
I wish I could pretend you make me try

I want the days to come, I want these sleepless nights to end
I lie here thinking how I lost you to all your stupid friends
You made me feel so foolish for the twenty-secondth time
Your love might be the last time that I try

Don't know if I'll make it through this winter without you on my own
I waited here for you forever, I can't believe you'd go
I may not have the answers, but I'd rather never know
Your love was such a heavy, heavy blow

G5                                C5                      D5
Goodnight, my love, you seemed so nice, 'til I knew you better
G5                                      C5                     D5
Now I can tell you're always thinking twice about what might be better
C5                 D5                       G5
On the outside, there's no conscience, you're a victim of your cautiousness
C5                                                D5
You don't try, you just lie there, hoping that someone will come to make it 

Tabbed by Anastasia Pena
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