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Cry Cry Cry - The Easybeats

/ = one bar

/G5 / / / / / / /

/G5                /C5             /D5 /
 Some things are better left unsaid,
/G5             /C5                  /D5 /
 They'd only go right through my head.
/C5             /E5            /A5   /
 I guess it's better not to tell me,
         /C5   /              /D5 /
Not to tell me you want to go.

It's been like this for a while,

There is no more of your loving smile.

I guess it's better that you leave me,

That you leave me, you want to go.

Your love has never been mine,

I think I knew it all the time.

You belong to someone else,

Someone else has got your eye.
               /G5   /C5   /G5   /C5
I think I'll cry, cry, cry, cry,
    /A5              /D5     /G5 /D5
I think I'm gonna cry over you.

Go with him , and have your fun,

I think I'll chase the rising sun.

I won't be here if you come home,

Cause I'll be gone, gone to cry.
           /G5  /C5   /G5   /C5   /A5 / /D5 / /G5 /C5 /G5 /C5 /G5 /C5 /G5
Gone to cry, cry, cry, cry, cry...
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