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Greetings in Braille


G        		Am  C				     D
If my senses fail, stay with me 'til they go cause I don't wanna be alone.
G		Am     C			       D
Greetings in Braille, they'll describe everything, colors aren't everything.
G	        Am	C			D
And if you see me, down at the liquor store, please don't tell my dad.
G	        Am	     C			        D				G
And if you see my dad, down at the liquor store, don't tell me anything at all.
	  Am				C		D		        G
And the people you brought were just drainpipes bringing trash to the ground.
Am					C			D
And your memories are just picture cards, one night stands and breakdowns.
G							     C
And you were cold, tired and old as you'd ever looked that night.
G								          C
And we were warned, yeah. We were warned not to stay out too late.
D			C	D		C		G
But somethings were worth getting in trouble for.
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