• Song:

    Always Its You

  • Artist:

    The Everly Brothers

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F                 Gm    C7 
When I feel down hearted  
F                 Gm7  C7 
when I'm feeling blue 
F                 Gm   C7 
when I'm low and lonely  
F              Gm7  C7 
who do I turn to 
      F   Bbm    C7   F 
It's you always it's you 

F                  Gm          C7 
When I'm dreaming day dreaming  
F                Gm7   C7 
who comes into view 
F                  Gm       C7 
who shares all my day dreams  
F                    Gm7   C7 
who makes them come true 
      F   Bbm Gm   C7   F 
It's you al - ways it's you 

Dm                   C     Dm            C 
When I feel like smiling your he reason why 
Gm         Dm           Bb Gm       C7 
If I ever lost you I'd cry     and cry 
    F                 Gm     C7 
Oh hold me close my true love  
F             Gm7   C7 
kiss me tenderly 
F              Gm     C7 
There is only one love  
F             Gm7  C7 
one alone for me 
      F   Bbm Gm   C7   F  Bb  F 
It's you al - ways it's you
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