• Song:

    Walk Right Back

  • Artist:

    The Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Heartaches & Harmonies

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1.    I   want   you   to   tell me  why you walked  out  on  me    I'm

2.  These eyes of mine that gave you lov-ing glances once be-fore changed 
1.  so lone- some every  day   I want you  to  know that since you walked 

2.  to shades of  cloudy gray  I want  so very much  to   see  you  just  
1.  out on me     Nothing seems to    be  the same old way    Think  a- 

2. like be-fore I gotta   know you're com-in' back to  stay   Please be-
1.  bout the love that burns with- in   my heart for  you  The  good times 2.

lieve me  when  I    say  it's great to hear  from you But there's a     
                                       D5   F#5 B5
1.  we     had  be-fore you went  a-   way, oh  me   Walk right back to 

2.  lotta things a let- ter just can't say, oh  me   Walk right back to 
                     A5                                      E5          
1.2.  me this minute Bring your love to me, don't send it  *I'm so lonesome 
1.2.  every day  (Verse 2:  Tag twice from *)
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