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Cousin Chris
Fiery Furnaces
off the cd "EP"
-tabbed by Martin Mokran (stupidalternative@yahoo.com)

Fiery Furnaces' tabs are best done in parts:

Part 1:
This parts in 3/4, emphasis bass on 1st strum and trebles on 2nd and 3rd The whole song 
best barred, save for the E.
Bb - G - E - E

Bb         G             E             E
 Back the bus he cussed “Space suits! Blackened boots!

Bb           G             E       E
Lad, little Lad,” he sad, “I’ve a tip for you:
A#              E              G <--once each  E
See, what about me: what about her? What about me?”

 Bb          G      E                 E
    For five dollars I walked him to his Mom’s house
    Bb        G       E        E
And on the threshold he said straight and calm,
 A#             E              G <---once each  E
“See what about me: what about her? What about me?”

Bb          G             E                 E
Can’t kiss cousin Chris could knight, turn off the light,
 Bb          G           E           E
With what why’s we wave. What wish? It came true.
 A#             E              G <---once each   E
See, what about me. What about her?  What about me.

Part 2:
 (4/4 time now)
A - F# A - F#
D5 - E5 (barred on 7th fret throughout) - D5 - E5

        A                 F#
T’ord ta tippy top Tommy tongue-tied talked,
        A                  F#
Tricked Trish tra trance which church chit-chat.
       D5      E5              D5           E5
Nana nots no know, so down the firehouse we go.
  A            F#
Fireman Frank friendly fed fee-free
 A                       F#
Dank dusty doughnuts den da dribble drank.
 D5           E5          D5                 E5
Driven droopy drunken; in Clinton lake we’ve sunk in.

 A5                 G5
So Tommy, look here what you did:
 Bm            Bbm
Barnacle Bill’s bound bonus bid.

    A                       F#
My mommy must a made up my mind
     A                    F#
Many months me for Mandy Miller resigned.
D5                    E5         D5           E5
Right raise rank rise rust; and how she ever fussed!
 A              F#
About that out-lout doubt-route scout;
 A               F#
Seems he liked someone better than her.
     D5              E5
Oh! Tommy Trish and Frank
        D5             E5
You can talk me to the bank.

A5                        G5
 So I can bring a little extra today,
 Bm                     Bbm
Prop prince prize proof prize-proof, pry pray.

          A                         F#
When the word of your ward was the sword by your side
         A                      F#
And you dug up the deed in the dump where he died,
      D5              E5           D5                  E5
You seemed beside yourself; you’re wandering all your wealth.
           A                          F#
‘While the warp and the woof of your words were worked
   A                    F#
By perpetually pushing spirits and beers,
           D5                    E5
Cause the coffin the cradle the curse
       D5        E5
Were woven even worse.

A5                                    G5
Since the ‘sary sends signs out the fire to whom it may concern:
            Bm                          Bbm
Cause the coffin is for me cause I have nothing to do with it;
A5                                     G5
And the cradle is for me cause the old dragon attacked me in it;
        Bm                             Bbm
And the purse is for me because I don’t have money nor friends.

now wasn't that fun? :)
-questions, comments, concerns?
email me at stupidalternative@yahoo.com
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