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Police Sweater Blood Vow Chords by The Fiery Furnaces

			     Police Sweater Blood Vow - The Fiery Furnaces
Tabbed by: The Valrus
Email:     valrus@bluebottle.com

Tuning:    Standard

Comments:  Is SO easy. So easy!
           Written by Eleanor about Alex Kapranos, I think.
           Long distance relationships, they're the pits.



[A]                                        [F#7]
    Forget the dogs and forget the sheep

[D]                                [A]
    It's only you who affects me

[A]                                    [F#7]
    On the fun fair track road, on the helter skelter fall,
[D]                                    [A]
    On my ice skater's bruised knees.
(The verse chords work over the "Na na na" part too.)


[E]                           [A]                     [F#7]      [D]    [A]
    Vibrate buzz buzz ring and beep, tell me babe what time is it now?

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