• Song:

    Rainy Zurich

  • Artist:

    The Fray

  • Album:

    Scars & Stories

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Here are (what seem to be) the basic chords for "Rainy Zurich" from the Fray's new album 
"Scars and Stories."  I'm a big fan of this song, and I didn't see any tabs online for 
it, so I hope this helps! Please post your feedback - I'm new at this.


F# C# Bbm Ab  (x3)


F#            C#                Bbm
In midair and floating off to space,
I'm moving in,
     F#              C#            Bbm
Your hair is falling all around my face,
Like a parachute,
    F#                   C#                Bbm
I'm breathing in, you're breathing out the same,
We give and take,
    F#            C#          Bbm
And let the water fall on the flame,
It's not burning out


     F#       C#    Ab
I'll keep you warm, dancing in a downpour,
    F#     C#        Ab
And I will hold your body slowly turning,
     F#       C#    Ab
I'll keep you warm, dancing in a downpour,
    F#     C#        Ab
Breathe it in, we'll take it off and soak our skin


(Same chords as verse 1)
She's in a town that holds a lonely road,
And the night is falling,
There's a road that follows to a home,
And the sky is heavy,
In the home she's in a lonely room,
With music playing,
Can she hear my heart coming through,
On the door between



Ab         F#        Bbm    C#
Maybe I'll find you, maybe I won't,
Ab        F#      Bbm       C#
Baby I'll try to, even if I don't,
Ab              F#          Bbm            Ab        
You are what I never knew I needed, what I never knew I needed,
C#                  F#     C# Bbm Ab     
F# C# Bbm Ab
What I never knew I needed,      almost there


I'm not positive all of these chords are correct (especially in the bridge), so please 
post any corrections.  Thanks to AZ Lyrics.com for the lyrics!
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