• Song:

    Wherefore Art Thou Elvis

  • Artist:

    The Gaslight Anthem

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The Gaslight Anthem
Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?

Tabbed by: eup.jasari@gmail.com

Tuning: 1 Step Down

Abm : 466444
F# : 244322 or x4432x
E :  022100
B :  x24442
B : 22444x
B/Ab : 42444x


Abm   F#   E    F#

Abm                   B           F#            Abm       B        F#
I cut my teeth on the stone of a teenage romance
Abm                               B              F#                  Abm   B   F#
I was the salt of the earth, I was hard, and the last of the independents.
E5                       F#5          Ab5
And in the breath from my chest I was blowing kerosene,
E5                          F#5              Ab5   
My lips and fingertips were stone, I wore my heart on my jeans.
E5                        F#5            Ab5
I sang the blues like the dogs left too long in the street,
E5               F#5            Ab5 
I still sing the blues with the dogs.

E                        F#          Abm
And I got half a mind to let it all burn up in this fire,
E                                F#            Abm
I've had been burning through my veins since I first learned to cry.
E                               F#              Abm
I'd watch this whole night come down and never miss her again.
E                             F#
I never felt right and never fit in,

Walking in my own skin.

Intro Riff

Verse (played the same):

Now I got scars like the number of stars, my head's full of vipers.
I got the dust of the desert in my bones, coming through the amplifiers.
Between the minor chord fall and the fourth and the fifth,
It's a broken Hallelujah and a pain in my fist.
I wash my hands like the man with the blood on his teeth,
Over and over without relief.

And I got nothing for you darling but a story to tell,
About the rain on the pavement and the sound as it fell.
I'd watch this whole night come down and never miss her again.
I never felt right and never fit in.


When Brian plays this part slowly, he uses the same chord shapes from the verse
(B, F#, G#m), instead of just holding the B chord and changing the root note.  

Also, notice the "Say a Prayer for my soul, Senorita" is different on the last go round.

              B       B           B/Ab
Walking in my old man shoes, with my scientist heart.
        B           B         B/Ab
I got a fever and a beaker and a shot in the dark.
         B        B           B/Ab   
I need a Cadillac ride, I need a soft summer night,
E                       F#
Say a prayer for my soul Se?orita.

                  Abm       F#          E
Because I've been dying out here in the cold and the snow.
        Abm            F#        E
I got a picture of you, Mama, to remind me of home.
       Abm       F#         E
On the hood of a Dodge on a Saturday night,
      B                   F#
Say a prayer for my soul, Se?orita. 


Intro chords X3

followed by

B   F#  Abm(slowly)
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