• Song:

    Diamonds in the Dark

  • Artist:

    The High Dials

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Diamonds In The Dark Chords by The High Dials

artist: The High Dials
song: Diamonds In The Dark
album: A New Devotion
check out this great band on their website: http://www.thehighdials.com/


F#   E   (repeat)

F#            E    F#     E
"(?) in the sky...  mmmmmmmmmmmmm..." 

(sorry i dont have the lyrics)


F#   B    E    F#  (repeat)


E               F#           E                 F#
"I'm (?????????) cave, where dreams will crystalize..."

(reapeat until,)
         E      B                
"this is where you, pass me by"

tabbed by: Keven Williums
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