• Song:

    Through Your Eyes

  • Artist:

    The Inmates

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Through Your Eyes Chords by The Inmates

hey all!!

this is my first public tabbing. this is a song by a small band in empangeni, south 
it was written by Bradley G. Patterson for anyone who has ever wondered what it is that God 
planned for their lives. it goes like this.


play it standard tuning and in 4/4 timing

e ----------3---------------3-------|
G -------0------0-------0-------0---|
D -----0--------------2-------------|         {REPEAT 3X
A ---2--------------3---------------|
E -3--------------------------------|

then add

e ---------2H3----------------------|
B -------3-----3~~~~----------------|
G -----2----------------------------|
D ---0------------------------------|
A -0--------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

G           D        Cadd9       Dsu4/f#
help me to see me through your eyes
G           D                Cadd9   G
help me to see where you're leading me
G                   Cadd9   Dsus4/f#       Em7
help me to see the way the truth and the light
Cadd9  Dsus4/f#           G      Cadd9
thro - ugh          your eyes

I hope its right Brad.
Shot! enjoy it.
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