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A5 D5 A5 D5 A5 D5 A5 D5 x 2

A5             D5         A5            D5 
Coming around, Gonna take you to town
           A5            D5                         A5    D5
Got your name on my collar and i'm wearing you about
A5                                D5  A5                            D5
Can I take you out to see the sea, Can I Hear another story please 
A5                            D5               A5                         D5 

How you lead to the assumption that your company is something that i need.

Hey! I'll only stay if you stay, I'll Only go if you go 
What i've been doing anyway
No! No i don't even know these people, 
but i don't mind a bit of familiarity 
While i politely let go.

Please stop unpacking your bags, or am i moving to fast.
I know we're living in the city, but here we won't last.
There's a little place near hear, I like to go and see the sky is clear 
Well you can with me and tell me that i am am the only one you don't fear.


A5                  D5    A5                  D5    A5 D5 
Why are you waiting, what are you expecting to see    x2 



This is my first tab so im not sure if its right or not, but i hope somebody will 
get some use from it as it took me like a whole day to figure out haha :)
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