• Song:

    A-hole On The Beach

  • Artist:

    The Key Of Awesome

E                          A         E
Douchebag on the Beach who brought a guitar
E                   A         E
A-hole on the Beach smoking a cigar
E                           A7                     E
Drunk girl on the beach who thinks that she's at a bar
B7                      A7                         E
All you beach offenders out there you know who you are
E                        A           E
White trash family who's sitting too close
E                  A            E
Inbred family your children are gross
E                     A                       E
You never secure your umbrella. Yeah there it goes
B7                    A7                    E
Why Do Humans always ruin what I love the most
E                          A          E
Teen mom who won't keep an eye on her kid
E                         A     E
I hope he gets eaten by a giant squid
E                  A                E 
Long Island ladies engaging in loud conversations
B7                        A7                E
I don't need to hear all about your gross operations
A-hole with a metal detector
Your T-shirt says bikini inspector
Sand castle pervert is making a six foot dong
E                      A               E   
Cholo on the beach who brought his pet snake 
E                            A     E 
I think we can agree that it was a mistake
E                         A                E
Stupid brat with crackers attracting nasty seagulls
B7                  A7                         E
Old man in a speedo everybody can see your old balls
E                           A        E
Douchebags in the ocean get ready to run
E                         A           E  
Excuse me fisherman can i boroow your chum
E                          A                      E 
Now I'll just sit back and wait for the sharks to come
B7                                 A7                   E
Watching douchebags swim for their lives is always good fun
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