Very funny song that I have only been able to find as an acoustic live version on 
Most of it is on Ukulele but here it is on guitar....

intro: G   D   C

          G         D       C
Well the first time I saw a racist
      G           D      C
His trousers were oh so tight
G   D           C
I assumed that they would split
G            D           C
At some point during the night
        G     D        C
He wore kinky boots of leather
     G       D         C
His massive feet on display
     G        D      C
And I wondered       to myself....
     G        D          C
'Are all Nazi skinheads gay?'

(repeat chords four times or something)

.... you get the idea......

Well they Hang around with other men,
Never a woman in sight
He'd probably even fancy me
Well he would if you were white
Well come out of the closet boy (?? not sure bout these lyrics the crowd tends to be 
at this point!)
It's alright with us we say
We don't wonder anymore coz  we know
All Nazi skinheads are gay...

king blues are class.... anyone who knows how to play any of their stuff should 
submit it.....
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