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    The Knux

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standard tuning
chord pattern is the same all throughout the song

( G5 - B5 - E5 - C5 )
Turn off the lights
Let the rain fall down
We can do this anywhere, anytime
Remember tonight
Can't erase this now
You can push it all the way to overdrive
Lets do it like it's 1974(oh oh oh)
1974(oh oh oh)
Like it's 1974(oh oh oh)
1974(oh oh oh)

( G5 - B5 - E5 - C5 )
Verse 1
On a sunday, sunday
Gotta work early on monday
But she aint got no job, so it's a fun day
Come play
Don't play dumb
But you really wanna come and chill
What's the problem (no problem )
As long as when we started
Aint no stopping
See we straight like fake teeth
But I'm here like 8 deep
I'm a bring my dudes basically
One look at those girls
Well they straight freaks
They know
I know (yup)
You too
Get funky like piano
With speed


( G5 - B5 - E5 - C5 )
Verse 2
Hello love
We're all on drugs
Were taking our clothes off
You know what's up
So baby told me we can go
Wherever you like
And then I took the bitch
Up to the satellite
So I'm fly like an eagle
Livin my life like the Beatles
Chances was
Like the camel
Through the eye
Of a needle
We say free love
Free love
A, b, c, & d cups
Long hair short hair
All ya'll
Need ya


Instrumental Bridge/Guitar solo
(no tab yet but same chords are used)


tabbed by: Lester Robles (ph)
-Cool and easy-to-play song.
-Learned it by ear.
-I've decided to make a tab since I don't see any tab on the net yet.
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