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Band: The Libertines
Song: Up The Bracket
Album: Up The Bracket
Thom Mills dustbin_man@hotmail.com

F#m, C#5(m)X 3 F#m

Verse 1
A              E                   A
saw 2 shadow men on the Vallance Road
A                 E                              A
said they'd pay me for your address, I was so bold...
F#m                      C#m
to say 'you see these 2 cold fingers
F#m                        C#m
these crooked fingers I show....
E (hold)
you a way to mean no'

Verse 2 (Guitar Same As Verse 1)
well they didn't like that much I can tell you
said 'sunshine, I wouldnae wanna be in yur shoes'
& they chased me up three flights of stairs
caught me in the lift how I sighed & said 'oh - you're impossible'

A                  E               F#m        
But it's just like he's in another world,
C#m                 Bm 
doesn't see the danger on show
He'll end up like Joseph bloody in a hole
A                 E               F#m
& it's just like she's in another world
C#m                   Bm
how they suit each other oh no
but you never get close



Then it pretty much repeats itself...

g-----9-11-11-11-11-11-9-6-6 x2 -11-11-11-11-11-

The chords above lyrics may be in the wrong place, but listen to timing
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