• Song:

    Words That Kill

  • Artist:

    The Little Hands Of Asphalt

  • Album:

    Leap Years

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The little hands of asphalt  - words that kill
Capo 3

D            A
The first whiteness unfolds.
      G                  D      A
One look out the window and your sold.
      D                  A
A muffled sound as we rolled around
      G                  D      A
and a nearby refuge from the cold.

      G                        D
Where your brother had transformed the bed
      G                  D      A
into a ship that could keep you safe.

      D                  Gm
But the boy beneath the sheets tonight
      D            A
is hard to recognize,
      D                  G
with a head that fills, with words that kill
      D                        A
when you run out of things to talk about.

Leaning back on the curb,
outside her parents house in the suburbs.
Her first love was a hopeful one
and you were starry-eyed till the Earth had turned.

But you were the first born son
of a marriage of hit and run.

So ever since you've searched for things
you could easily derail.
And they did, of course,
when you shut those doors.
Is it strange they never understood at all?

No, you were so hard to get.
And all you see now are their silhouettes.
As you keep your pace through the cityscape 
and its' picture perfect snow.
While the starlit night and city lights
are fighting to let you know 
that the innocence, yeah it was well spent,
but it's time to let it go.
'Cause you've got a sharper pen and the best of friends.
So what is there to cry about?

great song, have fun!
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