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    The Living Anitos

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Words and Music: Edison L. Balansi
Feb. 12, 1994 Baguio City
INTRO: D - Dm7 - G
D                  Dm7           Bm                  F#m
I met you sometime in a prom where life has been so cool
G                        D      
I dance with you as the band play, 
Em                  D                  A4  - A
I never knew how long we ain?t left the floor
D                  Dm7            Bm
The light so dim the rain hitting hard the night
G                  D            Em
I held you tight so close to me as I whisper
D                     A4 - A
?Can I fetch you home from school??
Bm            F#m       G                D
You smiled, said ?sure the crowd is flowing few
Bm                  F#m
Well, see you then tomorrow?
 G                  A
You made me fell on you.

D - Dm7          G            D                        Dm7
I love you secretly wish I could make you stay
And feel this flame inside
D - Dm7             G        Em  
I love you secretly your face retained in my memory
And locked inside my soul
A              D 
Spare me  a sense from you.

Same Chords 1st Stanza

Strolling the city thru the setting day
The confidence behind me oh I can?t stand the thought
Of losing you. Being with you is nicest moment I only knew
My dreams has flown away when you came to me
It?s all to reality?
Seen hope in your eyes with the mildness of your touch
The dust is over the sky, tonight I?ll make a ring for you..

Rep Cho:

I kissed your lips we lay on my bed
Pretending I?m holding you
Feeling like a fool
I stood near the window
I saw the moon shadow
G                              A??..
Trying to hide you away from me..

D ? Dm7 ? G ?A
D Dm7 ?G ? G ? A - Bm
Bm            F#m            G            D
Seen hope in your eyes with the mildness of your touch
Bm                      F#m       G                      A
The dusk is over the sky tonight, ill make a ring for you..

Repeat Chorus
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