This song is simple.  

Just gotta follow the bassline.

Here are the lyrics so you can follow along

   G5                              F5
Well he was the Sax Man from the state of Tennessee
Bb                                C5 (F?llow this pattern)
First set in with the band at the ripe old age of three - weeks old

And when he blew into that horn all the people gathered 'round
Club manager jumped right up and said "Boy I gotta have that sound!"
Scream "Hallelujah Lord!", I said the Sax Man's got my soul
Everybody gotta move their feet, when the Sax Man started to blow
Now blow it Sax Man!

M'kay he's a little shy, but his genius cannot hide
Cause when the Sax Man starts to win he gonna take you on a ride
Take it Sax Man!

Ow! Take it Sax Man!
Okay he'll be right with you folks!

All right, Sax Man, that's my fault, I put you on the spot
But now you're all warmed up and this-a next one's gonna be hot
Kick it Sax Man! 

Come on...what the fuck are you DOING!

Haha, okay! Why don't we have a little inspiration now
You know this game, Sax Man!
Repeat after me
Here we go, and..
Shibbidy bop bop, buda bop bah 
Dip dip di-dip, dip dip di-dip dip 
Arrip da di-dip, bop ba-doo-doo day-day 
Fuckin play somethin Sax Man!
Okay, movin on!
Sax Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!
Sax Man!
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