• Song:

    Holler Back

  • Artist:

    The Lost Trailers

  • Album:

    Holler Back

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It kinda ticked me off when I saw that they didn't have this song on here, so I got it 
This is for all the Lost Trailers lovers out there who got ticked off like I did.

        E                       G
I got a city-folk friend in the hip-hop world
He goes by E. Diddy but his name is Earl
          E                      G
Cocks his hat to the side in his grandma's ride
Pumpin' nothing but bass
        E                       G
He says things like dawg are you down with that
And don't that fly girl got some back
      E       G              A
And I feel so doggone out of place
             G                             A
When he says holler back when you get back home
          G                       A
I say the only holler back that I know is the

       E           D               A
Holler back in the woods where the country folks got it good
     E           D               A
Home-brewed home-grown where the wild seeds get sown
       E              D            A
It's a blast from the past all the cowgirls shakin' their sassafras
Let out a howl if you feel like you gotta
A                                                E-D-A
If you wanna go on back to the holler HOLLER BACK!

       E                       G
Take a left off the interstate go ten miles
Take a right on farm road 99
         E   G               A
And just roll till the blacktop ends
        E                    G
You see Mary Jo rockin' that front-porch swing
Bikini top and them cutoff jeans
           E     G                  A
And that's where hillbilly heaven begins
           G                            A
Aw, she'll pour you some of that cherry wine
            G                               A
Boy, you're guaranteed to have yourself one hell of a time in the


(Chorus chords till end)

And that's it! This is a really great song. If all their music is this good, I'm going 
be listening to them a lot more often. For the guys at the website who need the website 
these guys, here it is(yes, they have been signed): http://www.thelosttrailers.com/
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