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A classic song from a band that had a stream of hits in the 60's.
Most of their songs were written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait and were big productions with
lots of orchestration. Although a big success they were heavily criticised by the media
for not playing their instruments on some of their recordings, relying on session 
musicians and an orchestra. However I saw them live in the late 60's and found them to be a good
live band with plenty of energy and some great guitar work by Rex Brayley with Steve 
Ellis adding a vocal sound which still today takes some beating.
If any of the band, (Steve Ellis, Rex Brayley, Mike Jackson, Mo Bacon or Morgan Fisher)
get to see this tab please drop me an email - love to hear from you, and please correct
any mistakes I've made!!


A Day Without Love
Recorded by The Love Affair

Verse 1
G                 D
I walk along your street
F            E7
And I try to meet
    Am                    D
The folks that live close by you because
Am              D                  G   C G C
Maybe they know why you had to go away

Verse 2
G          D
Maybe if I knew
F                E7
I could face the truth
    Am                D
But they just say I'm sorry
Am               D                         G
Really shouldn't worry there'll be another day

G                 Bm  Em
But a day without love
     D              G
Is a year with emptiness
         Bm  Em
And your love
Brings me happiness
  C             D           G   C G
I can't spend a day without love

Verse 3
   G            D
At night I lie awake
F              E7
Try in vain to take
   Am               D              Am           D
My mind off this confusion was our love just an illusion
                  G   C G
I'll really never know

Verse 4
G                 D
There's no way to find
F                              E7
What's been going through your mind

Am                      D         Am               D
There is something warm about you seems so sad without you
                G C G
Did you have to go

Chorus x2

If there are any golden oldie classics (just lyrics and chords) that you would like
posting on this site please drop me an email.
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