• Song:

    Fuel To The Fire

  • Artist:

    The Maine

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Intro: Eb5 G5 C5 Bb5  

Verse 1-
Eb5    G5            C5           Bb5        Eb5 G5 C5 Bb5
I got your call and now I'm here at your door
Eb5    G5            C5       Bb5      Eb5 G5 C5 Bb5
False alarm cause your not here anymore
I had it all in my head wouldn't save you,
But you set me up again like you always do

The more you treat me cruel oh
Bb5                       C5                 Ab5
It just adds fuel to the fire (fuel to the fire),
Its easy like you do but it
Bb5              C5                 Ab5
Just chews my desire (fuel to the fire)
    F5                         G5
You say you don't want me, I think 1stchords your a liar,
  Ab5             Bb5                    Eb5
Love or lust it just adds fuel to the fire

 C5    Eb5   C5   Eb5
(fuel to the fire) x3

Verse 2-
Sexy pics, you send to me on my phone
And now I'm here and I cant get you alone
I think I'm just beginning to understand
You just like having me up again

I make you think your the only one,
G5                       C5             Bb5       F5
but if we're not having fun then were done and ohhh

         C#5   Eb5
            C#5     Eb5
Fuel to the fire, fuel to the fire
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