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The Offspring - Self Esteem (smash)
Track Nr. 08
Tabbed by: Noodles15
if you got any comments on it, you can mail me or add me on msn @ bert.prins@gmail.com
and dont post it on other sites, make your own tab instead :)

Here we go...

La La LaLaLa la la La la la

Intro (play twice)

E |-------------------------------
B |-------------------------------
G |--------101010-10--5-5-xx------
D |-7-7-xx-101010-10--5-5-xx-555-5
A |-7-7-xx-8-8-8--8---3-3-xx-555-5
E |-5-5-xx-------------------333-3

(end of intro, play one time)


play this after the bas starts to play, before dexter starts singing (one time)

E |--------|
B |--------|
G |-5555-5-|
D |-5555-5-|
A |-3333-3-|
E |--------|

Verse: (4 times)

E |--------------------------|
B |--------------------------|
G |--------5555--55555-------|
D |-77777-35555--55555-57777-|
A |-77777-33333--33333-57777-|
E |-55555-1------------35555-|

This is the pre chorus: (play 4 timtes)

E |--------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------|
G |--------101010-10--5-5-xx-------|
D |-7-7-xx-101010-10--5-5-xx-555-5-|
A |-7-7-xx-8-8-8--8---3-3-xx-555-5-|
E |-5-5-xx-------------------333-3-|

This is the chorus ( play 7 times)

E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|
G |-7-7-xx-333-3---------555-5-|
D |-7-7-xx-333-3--3-3-xx-555-5-|
A |-5-5-xx-111-1--3-3-xx-333-3-|
E |---------------1-1-xx-------|

This is the end ( play this one time )

E |-------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------|
D |-3-*--555-/7-7-----------------------|
A |-3----555-/7-7-----------------------|
E |-1----333-/5-5-----------------------|

Have fun with it :), more is coming. greetz Noodles
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