• Song:

    I Like You

  • Artist:

    The Persuit of Happiness

  • Album:

    The Wonderful World of ...

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I Like You - The Pursuit of Happiness 
- from the album "The Wonderful World of..."

Just incase there's still people out there listening to TPOH, here you go.

You're [A] pretty I [E] guess
You're [A] funny a [E] bit
Your [A] pants are what [E] everyone's [Cm7] wearing (1)
Like [A] I give a [Asus2] shit (2)

[B] You're not so [Cm] special that I can
[A] Have  everything I [Fm7] see
I [A] like [E] you because [B] you [Bsus2] like [E] me 

You're smart enough
To not embarass me
My friends and family give you
A B....... plus

(repeat chorus)

You're shiny enough
To attract a few flies,
But not so many that I get in fist fights
With big guys

(repeat chorus until)
I [A] like [E] you because [B] you [Bsus2] like [Cm] me
And that aint so bad
I [A] like [E] you because [B] you [Bsus2] like [Dsus2] me (3)

(1) The Cm7 isn't quite right, but I'm stumped if I know what it is
It sounds ok but it's clearly not what he's playing on the track

(2) Not sure about the sus2 formation (my chord knowledge 
is obviously up to scratch, then.... ;))... what I mean 
is x02200 (Asus2); 224422 (Bsus2)

(3) You can forget about the Dsus2, played only for the segue into
Carmelina (for those who haven't heard the album, all the tracks
run into each other)
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