• Song:

    Blessed Are We To Be Lied Upon

  • Artist:

    The Project Hate

  • Album:

    When We Are Done Your F...

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Band: The Project Hate
Song: Blessed are we to be lied upon
Album: When We are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours

Written by Kenth Philipson, Jorgen Sandstom and Mia Stahl

Tabbed by Logan Murdoch

As far as I know, these are the only Project Hate tabs on the net!
I haven't found any, If anyone has any email me at 

I have corrected this version, The other one was just off.

Check out The Project Hate at www.theprojecthate.net, great website.

Pretty simple song to play, with only one real riff in it, the brillance of this song is in the Keyboards, how they change the mood and tone of the song while the guitar remains the same.

Tuning Low to high


Palm Mute *
Slide	  /			
Vibrato   ~
Hammer on h
Pull off  p

Main Riff
B |----------------------------|
D |----------------------------|
A |---3-4--4-4--4-4--4-4-------|
E |---3-4--4-4--4-4--4-4-------|
B |---1-2--2-2--2-2--2-2-------|
           * *  * *  * *	

B |---------------|
D |---------------|
A |---3-----------|
E |---3----/7~----|
B |---1-----------|


B |-----------------|
D |-----------------|
A |-----------------|
E |-----------------|
B |----2/11/2-------|

This is just a slide from the low to high end and back

Song structure
Main Riff
Fig 1.
Fig 2.
Main Riff


Blessed are we who are sane in Mind
Blessed are we to see through lies
Blessed are we to choose not to be blind
Blessed are we with hollow eyes

How blessed we are to be lied upon
Come into Me...
Share their lies with Me
I dare You to, I dare You to
The roses die as angels cry

I am beauty, I'm insanity
We are one...
Body... Soul... and pain

Blessed are We in this infernal wasteland

Blessed are we with the infernal Hate plan
Blessed are We to be lied upon
Blessed are we to kill the son
Blessed are we to bath in blood
Blessed are we without a God

Oh How blessed You are to be lied upon

Come into Me...
To have their lies within Your heart
I envy You so...

The roses cry as angels die
I am beauty, I'm insanity
You are alone, Body and soul
You are alone...
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