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(intro) A#5 A A#5 A

     Bm                     Em7     Em6
Your hair in the wind puts asunder
     Em7            F#m          Bm
All the cares this world has to give
        Bm                         Em7       Em6
And the lights in your eyes bring such wonder
     Em7         F#m              Bm
To a man who thought all had been seen

            G7M                              G7M
Though the nights have been cold and unkind, dear
           F#m7            Fm7 - Em7
Oh that smile on your face is marigold
       C7M                         Am7     D/F#
That blooms in the springtime for lovers anew
   Em                       F7M
Oh Just like the day I found you

     Dm                                 G
So I wrote you this song, though in vain dear
        Em7                 Am     D/F#
For no lyric or rhyme can contain
     C/G                     Dm        Bb
All the gladness you bring to the saddest of days
   Eb7M                          A#5  A  A#5  A
Oh my love, how I yearn for you now

           Bm                         Em7     Em6
Though the days have grown long in our wanting
         Em7        F#m        Bm
And the distance between us remains
          Bm                    Em7      Em6
There's a gleaming of light up ahead, dear
         Em7            F#m        Bm
Yes, the sun will shine after the rain

         G7M                         G7M
Oh the laughter we'll share will be endless
          F#m7            Fm7 - Em7
As we're dancing beneath the moonlight
          C7M                      Am7      D/F#
And your hand is in mine with our fingers entwined
   Em                         F7M
Oh love, now, how soon it shall be

     Dm                        G
Though the waiting it seems never ending
        Em7                       Am     D/F#
And the hours they, pass without haste
           C/G                      Dm          Bb
There will soon come a day when the snow melts away
       Eb7M                       A  Aaug
And my love will be right by my side

        Bm                          Em7     Em6
So you see, dear, my heart will not falter
       Em7          F#m      Bm
And my hopes will be not satisfied
         Bm                        Em7       Em6
Till the miles have been left far behind you
       Em7         F#m            G7M D/F# Em7 Em6 Bm9
And no distance between us resides
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