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repeated offender, The Rifles Englands best new band,                       by Nick 

INTRO: Gm, Dm, Gm, Dm, Cm, Dm, 


Gm                            Dm
Not one of my kind of people, though thats part of our lives

Gm                                  Dm
Not one of the type of things that, i like to do with my time

Cm                                 Dm
and i don't see and don't believe, he'll ever get it right really

Gm                            F
not one of my kind of people.


Bb                                   A
Now don't you pretend that when you  wake in the morning

Ab                         G
Your lying to yourself it  won't happen again

Bb                            A
repeated offender you should  come with a warning it's

Ab                            G
embarrassing for all of your  friends.

(Repeat first verse, repeat chorus)

Just listen to the song and you'll get straight away.
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