• Song:

    Dear Holly

  • Artist:

    The Romany Rye

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the break I think is just F  and C

capo 2nd

C          G             F       C
Dear Holly, have you seen the rain?
C             G            F         C
I am a ghost town, with seven empty lakes
Em                                                 F
And the times they are strange, they show no signs of change
C                G                   C
I am cast down like the belly of a snake

No harvest, no kingdom come
One promise, again to never flood
Calm as the sea, on a day with no breeze
My tears have turned to blood

Backs folding, beneath all the lies
We need water to grow, and wine to die
And the reasons they are few, All my dreams came untrue
And my desire could not be satisfied

Time driftin', across seven blue seas
For strong winds, blow as they please
Under God's great sky, we ask for reasons why
We are all bound to have days like these

Dear Holly, can you feel the rain?
Or the soft breeze, gently to your face
Oh the times they are strange, they are bound to change
Every good man, needs a little break
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