• Song:

    Shake Our Tree

  • Artist:

    The Rosebuds

  • Album:

    Birds Make Good Neighbo...

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This is just based off of video of live perfomances


G                       F
The bird's ready I know 

G                       F
He's tired of being alone

Dm                      C
He's working all alone

Dm                       C
Building him self a home

Intro to Chorus

Dm                    C    Bb
you can even hear him sa-aaaa-ay


F                   Dm          Bb
Will our love ever end (woah no)

     F                      Dm             Bb
Will you stop being my best friend (woah no)
     F                       Dm          Bb
Will you speak harsh words to me (woah no)

       C                       Fm
Singing a story of love in the leaves



Repeat Verse

Chorus x2

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