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Never Again

Gm (355333@1)                          D#maj7You (x43111@3)better stop playing games I told you once before
Gm (355333@1)                          D#maj7It'll (x43111@3)hurt you more this time if you walk out that door
      D# (x43121@3)                  G# (xx1114@1)     D# (x43121@3)                   G#You'd (xx1114@1)better think it over (baby), remember what I told you (baby)
       /C /Bb /G# Gm'Cause (355333@1)never a---gain Will I love you this way 

I've learned a little more each time I took you back
You made a fool of me I'll tell you where it's at
You'd better think it over (baby), you walk out and it's over (baby)
'Cause never again will I love you this way (never again)

D# (x43121@3)               Gm (355333@1) D# (x43121@3)              GmLove (355333@1)can't be this way, gets worse day by day
I'm sick and tired of the nights that I've been crying
C (x32010@1)I can't go on knowing that you're untrue

You had your last chance now I'm walking out that door
And I'm not playing games don't want you any more
You'd better think it over (baby), this girl is gone forever (baby)
Never again will I ever love you, will I ever love you

by: Jos? Duarte

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